About the SOS

The Swedish Orchid Society, (Svenska Orkidésällskapet, SOS), is a national non-profit-making association open for everyone with an interest in orchids and in growing them.

The association was formed 1956 and today have some 1200 members all over the country. SOS works for popularizing and spreading knowledge about orchids and orchid cultivation and also to participate in the conservation of both native and foreign orchid species and their habitats according to existing laws and regulations.

SOS:s activities are foremost the publication of the magazine Orkidéer and to support and cooperate with societies who have most of their memberships organized by SOS.

In SOS there as well are orchid judgements following the rules of the European Orchid Conference (EOC). If you live close to a regional society there are further opportunities. Meetings are usually held each month. On these meetings you can meet others with the same interest and exchange experiences, swap plants or listen to lectures and see photos.